2011's best boxing game : game review

A decent boxing game up until now only really had to feel good. The punches needed to feel right when you threw them and the contact and damage also needed to make you wince. Fight Night has achieved this for years now so they have moved onto a new focal point.

While they have revamped the damage system and the punches, the core focus of this game is on the 'Champion' mode. While this does bare resemblance to the previous 'Legacy Mode' it has a lot more depth and an entertaining story where there was none before.

In Champion mode you follow the story of Andre Bishop as he works his way to become the Champ. The game kicks off with you getting knocked out in a prison fight and from here you slowly work your way back to professional fights. The story is gripping and the cut scenes work really well to portray the character and his struggles.

They have also done some tweaking to the fight system. While people have had difficulty before with the thumb stick controls they might want to give them another shot. They have taken the sweeping motion out and replaced them with directional presses. This makes the controls a lot tighter and more responsive.

All around this is the best Fight Night today. Buy it from the amazon.co.uk for as little as £17.99! This is an amazing price for a boxing game that is truly top notch so be sure to check it out!


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