Benefits of boxing clubs for women

Many women are looking for ways to learn self-defence and boxing is an excellent option. The benefit is that boxing does not promote violence; it just gives the ability to protect yourself like many martial arts programmes. Boxing clubs for women are extremely popular and there are a number of benefits to them.

The first is that the clubs are for women only. Many are taught by female instructors too. This is something that many females prefer for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that being around a man while learning any form of self-defence is intimidating; often leading to women not learning everything they can.

Another benefit is that the training programme will be designed with women in mind. This is extremely useful since a woman’s body cannot handle as much as a man’s (on average). There will be more focus on learning the technique and developing the core muscles, which are the weakest for many women.

Boxing clubs, and just boxing in general, are great ways to relieve stress. Women tend to build up stress, which is not good for any of the body or the brain. Exercise is one of the best stress relievers but the club is also a great place to gain support from others. One person can make lots of friends through joining clubs, which also helps to relieve anxiety and other mental problems.

Boxing is just a great option to keep fit and boxing clubs will help to keep the motivation going. Having an instructor, whether male or female, and a group to attend, women are more likely to keep going; they will gain the praise when they do something well and will also have the thought of the friends that are within the group.

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