Thinking of boxercise classes in South Dublin?

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Boxercise is a new way to work out and it is proven to be a great way to lose weight by burning calories. It is a fun, addictive, energetic and stress busting workout that combines boxing with aerobics. There are several boxercise classes in South Dublin that you can participate in.

Boxercise courses can be taken in a class of up to 20 people or you can take one to one lessons. The work out is based on the sport of boxing without the physical contact. You simply do the exercises that boxers do using punch bags and punch pads. There are so many advantages of boxercise for anybody who decides to take a class.

  • Covers aerobic and anaerobic activity
  • You develop new skills such as hand-eye co-ordination and balance
  • Timing and technique greatly improved
  • All your major muscle groups are worked
  • It is suitable for anybody - Any age, any sex or any level of ability is catered for
  • A brilliant stress buster!
  • It's so much fun

As we mentioned, there are loads of boxercise classes in South Dublin. Check out some of the following:

  • Fitness Classes Dublin, Dun Laoghaire - 086 173 6720
  • Bootcamp for mums, Phoenix Park, Dublin - 087 239 1460
  • Fitnecise Health, Nutgrove Office Park, Dublin 14 - 086 173 6720
  • Body Shape Fitness - Swords, Dublin - 086 884 7843

The quickest and best way to find out about boxercise classes in South Dublin is to contact any of the above fitness centres. Times, availability and prices vary upon location.

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