Benefiting from boxercise classes in Bristol

If you are looking for a fun way to work out, you should consider taking  boxercises classes in Bristol. Like many people, you may be tired of slaving away on the treadmill, climbing the stairmaster, or lifting weights. If this describes your situation,  boxercise may be the exercise program you seek. This cardio program uses the entire body as you kick and punch your way to a leaner shape.

People who boxercise find themselves burning more calories per hour than when they use the stairclimber. One of the most popular Boxercise workouts includes circuit training. Exercisers rotate through several stations that include the punching bag, rope skipping, medicine ball and Focus Pads.

The punching bag segment of the workout allows you to build strength, balance and timing. You practice boxing skills as you get an effective cardio workout. The Focus Pads provide you with one-on-one attention from the Boxercise instructor. You’ll feel like a real boxer as you practice your punches using the Focus Pads held by your instructor or partner.

For a more traditional workout, try Boxercise Aerobics. You will  increase your heart rate as you punch, jab and kick. This particular workout focuses on your abs, obliques, lower back, biceps, triceps and deltoids. Participating in boxercise lets you work out in a fun, high-energy atmosphere. It boosts self confidence, relieves stress, and shapes your body.

Instead of doing the same old boring workouts, consider taking boxercise classes in bristol. Whether you want to lose weight, develop a healthier lifestyle or build self confidence, you can reach your goals by dedicating yourself to this unique, exciting form of exercise.


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