Find out about some boxercise classes in Glasgow

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Boxercise is possible the best stress buster around and is a brilliant way of keeping fit whilst having fun and meeting new people. There is very little physical contact involved, making it an enjoyable programme for the whole family. Boxercise classes in Glasgow are available at Caledonian Taekwondo Health and Fitness Centre in Anniesland, Glasgow.

Classes are conducted by a professional personal trainer at the fitness centre. There are several types of boxercise. The most popular include:

Boxercise Aerobics

This course involves exercising to music. You will be taught choreographed routines using punches and kicks. As you improve, you will learn more advanced punch and kick techniques to add to your routine. This type of class is energetic, fun and very addictive!

Kick Boxercise

This course allows you to use your elbows, knees and kicks to add variation to your routine. You will learn about the use of boxing pads and strike shields, allowing combinations of punching and kicking.

Classes vary in duration and price. A kick boxercise class can cost as little as £5 per lesson. This includes rental of any equipment you will need to use.

All Boxercise classes in Glasgow at Caledonian Taekwondo Health and Fitness Centre are conducted by Laura Sweeney, a qualified sports therapist and personal trainer. You can choose to either enter a class of no more than ten or receive one to one training. For more information about their courses, give them a call on 0141 950 2550 or visit their website at caledoniantkd.com.


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