Are you interested in attending boxercise classes in Bristol?

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Boxercise is a new way to keep fit and healthy. It is a sport based on the exercises that keep boxers fit but doesn't actually involve any physical contact, making it safe for the whole family. Boxercise classes in Bristol are a great way to keep fit, have fun and meet new people.

A boxercise class starts off with a warm up routine to loosen those muscles. This slowly develops into the best work out of your life which incorporates punch pad and punch bag work. You will then finish the class with some strengthening exercises and abdominal work, making you feel so much better about yourself.

There are many different styles of boxercise including kick boxercise which is the most popular in the UK at the moment. There are so many advantages to kick boxercise including:

  • Burn up to 1,000 calories in a 90 minute class
  • Lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol whilst increasing your bone density and joint strength
  • Helps tone and sculpt your whole body
  • Releases your stress
  • The stretching routines increase flexibility and improve your posture

You can attend kick boxercise classes in Bristol at Cobra Kickboxing club in Regents Street, Kingswood. You must be a member of the club to participate in the class. Membership costs £25 per year and this also covers your insurance.

Kick boxercise classes are available from Monday to Thursday between 7pm and 830pm and Saturday from 10am to 11am. All classes cost just £5. For more information about boxercise classes in Bristol, log onto cobrakickboxing.com.

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