Find boxercise classes in Brighton

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Created in 1992 in the UK, boxercise is a form of exercise that is safe and fun for all ages and abilities. It is hugely popular so finding boxercise classes in Brighton should be no problem at all.Combining boxing and exercising to create a fun, stress busting workout, Boxercise is an activity that suits everyone who wants to enjoy boxing training without  getting hit! It is one of the most effective forms of cross training, combining the use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in a manner to form an effective workout, as well as the hand eye co ordination, balance and timing needed for the boxing training. Class members usually report quick results after attending just a few classes.

As the name suggests, boxercise classes are exercise classes based on boxing techniques set to music and without the pads and punchbag. Although Boxercise is a brand in its own right, many classes that use the same approach to exercise also call themselves boxercise classes.

If you are looking for boxercise classes in Brighton,contact your local sports centre or check the classified section of the paper to find your nearest boxercise session. As a rule boxercise classes are popular and tend to have a loyal following from regular attendees. As a result you may have to book a space at a class rather than just turning up on spec. Boxercise classes in Brighton and elsewhere are run at a variety of venues from sports centres to village halls. It is important to check with your doctor if you have any health concerns before you start classes, and also make sure that your instructor is fully qualified and insured.

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