Boring boring England

An official from the International Rugby Board has criticised England’s rugby culture, claiming that it is that which is to blame for the low number of tries scored over the autumn series, not the rules of the game. England scored only one try in three matches and the IRB has been under pressure to implement new rules at the breakdown that will help teams play more expansive rugby.

However, Mike Miller, the IRB chief executive, has said that countries need to look at themselves rather than blaming his organisation, and has singled out England as prime example of a country that plays and promotes safety first rugby.

‘There are certain concerns in certain countries but, if you take a global perspective, you'll find the views coming from England are not necessarily shared around the world,’ he said at the launch of next year’s Women’s Rugby World Cup.

‘I think there are more issues in England, based around the style of play and the number of matches. A lot of it comes down to mentality, particularly from the managers and coaches. Regardless of the IRB or the laws, people need to look at themselves and what they're doing. Everyone bears the responsibility of having an attractive game that people want to play and watch.’

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