Bolting through Manchester

Triple gold medal winning Olympic sprint sensation Usain Bolt will has said that he'll be running in a 150m street race in Manchester in May, which will no doubt bring in thousands of fans eager to watch him race in Europe for the first time this year.

He won't be racing through the Trafford Centre in a large scale version of Supermarket Sweep mind you; a special tartan track is being constructed for him to run on, before he jets off to the athletics World Championships in Berlin in August.

'I am very excited to compete for my first time in Manchester, my first time in a 150m race and my first time in a street race outside the stadium,' enthused Bolt. 'I love competing in the UK, it is like my second home as I usually stay in London during the European racing season. When I heard about the idea I thought it would be great fun and something new and exciting.'

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