Bolt sprints into the record books

Usain Bolt completed the sprint double by winning the 200 metres gold in the Olympic stadium. It matched his feat in Beijing, and Bolt was quick to proclaim himself "the greatest athlete that has lived".

Bolt won the race comfortably ahead of his Jamaican compatriots Yohan Blake and Warren Weir. "It's what I came here to do," he said. "I'm now a legend, I'm also the greatest athlete to live. I am in the same category as Michael Johnson."

Bolt’s time of 19.32 seconds matched Johnson’s former record, although his 2009 time of 19.19 seconds, set in Berlin, remains the world record. For those sprinters, particularly Blake, hoping to catch up eventually, there were tiny signs that Bolt may be slowing down. "The 200m was harder than I expected," he admitted. "I could feel the pressure coming off the bend and that's when I had to focus."

The only sour note came from the American former champion Carl Lewis who tried to cast doubt on Jamaican superiority. "No country has had that kind of dominance," Lewis said. "I'm not saying they've done anything for certain. I don't know."

Lewis himself tested positive for stimulants three times before the 1988 Olympics, but the US Olympic committee failed to report the findings and Lewis was allowed to compete.

"Carl Lewis, I have no respect for him," Bolt responded. "The things he says are really downgrading other athletes. I think he is looking for attention because no one really talks much about him. I've lost all respect for him. It's really upsetting for me."

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