Bolt fears London weather

Usain Bolt’s hopes of an Olympic record could falter on one obstacle, according to his coach – the English weather. Glen Mills, trainer at Bolt’s Racers Track Club in Jamaica believes Bolt is capable of a new world record, but thinks it unlikely it will happen in London.

Bolt’s target is to run under 9.50 seconds. "I don't believe it's impossible but he would have to have the right conditions," Mills said. "I'm not sure if London is going to be kind. I am talking about the weather."

Bolt’s rise to the top hit its first setback when he was disqualified in the world championships in Daegu last year, leaving the way clear for his clubmate Yohan Blake to claim the world title. That disappointment has helped Bolt focus on the Olympics.

"The lesson he has learned from Daegu is you can never be too complacent or take anything for granted," Mills said. "You have to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. I think he's quite aware of that going into the Olympics and will certainly be in a better position not to be a victim of a false start."

The coach says that Bolt has been training hard and is in good shape at the start of the season. Bolt thrives on success and fame, and wants to bask in the spotlight again in London. "He has set his sights on reaching greater heights," Mills said. "He wants to become a legend in the sport and he's quite aware that his work is not done yet."

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