Blow me **** face

Tom Hicks Jnr has quit his job on the Liverpool board after kicking up a huge stink with an abusive (but also quite amusing) email to a fan which contained the immortal words ‘blow me f*** face. Go to hell. I’m sick of you.’ Frankly his standing must have risen in just about every household that doesn’t contain a Liverpool fan.

In any case the American, who is the son of Tom Hicks Snr, one of the owners of the club (and deeply unpopular in the red bits of Liverpool and the various areas where their glory hunting brethren hang out), has resigned. The row escalated during a heated email exchange about Rafael Benitez’s transfer budget with an as-yet unnamed fan connected to the Spirit of Shankly supporters union, who previously covered themselves in glory by being caught on video chanting merrily about those who died in the Munich air crash that wiped out half of Manchester United’s Busby Babes. So it was probably very polite and civilised.

Liverpool fans might be cheering the departure, but the club announced the employment of Casey Coffman, executive vice president of Hicks Holdings, to the board and confirmed that two other Hicks and Gillett allies Phillip Nash and Ian Ayre have been promoted to directors. Good work, disgruntled scousers.

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