Blatter: 'I received once an envelope...'

Fifa has been the centre of a storm of controversy ever since they awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, and since then there have been serious allegations of corruption put to them by the former head of England’s bid.

However Sepp Blatter has said that should he be re-elected he will clean up the organization, which begs the question as to why he didn’t do it before, if he knew about corruption. To put your minds at rest though, Blatter has revealed that he was once handed a bribe when he was Fifa’s secretary general. Mind you, he hasn’t said who it was from, or what country or for what purpose; only that he handed it back as quick as he good. That’s convinced you al, hasn’t it?

‘I received once an envelope, when I was secretary general and in this envelope there was an amount of money,’ he said. ‘I couldn't refuse because he put it in my pocket. I came home here to Fifa and gave it to the finance director and he put this money on the account of the Swiss Bank Corporation at that time, and informed the guy 'the money you gave to the secretary general is in that bank' and a few days later he reclaimed it. Then it was specifically known that please don't try to give money to somebody who's in Fifa.’

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