Blatter: Fifa's six plus five player quota in place by 2012

Jody Morris will be pumping his fists in the air and yelping whoopee with the news that Fifa's ruling body is set to endorse the six plus five player quota. The brain child of Fifa president Sepp Blatter, the move would see the number of foreign players in each team restricted to five by 2012/13.

The Fifa boss thinks that limiting the number of foreign players will make domestic league competitions more competitive and is hoping to work with the European Union and Uefa president Michele Platini to try and bring his plan to fruition.

But it seems that old Sepp can't remember as far back as 2000/2001 to the false-passport scandal that rocked Italian football. It was found that a large number of Serie A clubs had procured false EU passports for non-European players in order to bypass Fifa's limits on non-Europeans. Veron, Recoba and Cafu all suddenly found long lost imaginary Italian grandparents. What's to say that Blatter's 'six plus five' proposal won't lead to similar shenanigans?

But it has to be remembered that this is the same Sepp Blatter that wanted female footballers to wear hot pants, proposed increasing the size of the goals to make it easier to score, and claimed that most female footballers are gay. Enough said.

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