Blade Runner's second day in court

No big surprises during Oscar Pistorius' second day in court. The grim-faced and often sobbing 'Blade Runner' denied murdering Reeva Steenkamp at his house in Pretoria on Valentine's Day, restating that he shot his girlfriend dead by accident after mistaking her for a burglar. Here are the day's highlights:

The prosecution has tried to prove that it was a premeditated murder by declaring: "We have a statement from a neighbour saying she heard two people talking loudly at each other, it might have been a fight, from 2am to 3am. We also have a statement from a person who said that the lights at the house were on. He heard the gunshots and went to the balcony. He said he heard a female screaming, and then another couple of shots". To which, Pistorius' defence team has replied that it was impossible that the witness overheard the couple fighting shortly before the shooting because it was too far for anyone to be able to hear what was going on in the athlete's luxury house.

The athlete said that he kept a 9mm under his pillow because he had been victim of crime in the past and had received death threats as well. The prosecution, however, replied to that by saying that the police has no record of Pistorius reporting death threats or other crimes despite his affadavit claiming he had been the victim of both.

He admitted being in bed with Reeva Steenkamp, awakening to close a sliding door and to get a fan. At that point he said that he heard a noise in the bathroom and, thinking of an intruder and feeling “vulnerable” without his prosthetic legs, he got his gun and fired the bullets through the door. Only after the shooting, he realised that the bed was empty, becoming suddenly conscious of the possibility that the person he had shot in the bathroom might have been Reeva. The prosecution, on the other hand, said that Mr Pistorius had "got up from the bed, put on his prosthetic legs, armed himself and walked seven metres to the bathroom" before shooting the model.

About the alleged banned substances found at the crime scene, the defence team has explained that the drug in question was in fact a testosterone-based permitted herbal medicine called 'testo compositum co-enzyme'.

The trial will continue tomorrow and Pistorius family seems to be quite confident about bail being granted, to the degree that they offered to buy reporters lunch in an early display of celebration and optimism.

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