There's bitter and there's bitter, and then there's Steve Williams: Tiger Woods former caddy couldn't help but gloat after his new partner Adam Scott won the WGC Invitational yesterday, finishing four shots in the lead and a full 18 shots ahead of the Tiger.

Woods finished in 37th place after an inconsistent weekend, which was capped off with three straight birdies on the final three holes, and Williams, who was sacked by Woods only two weeks ago decided now was the time to rub his former employer's nose in it, saying this weekend topped anything that he'd ever experienced with the Tiger.

'It's the greatest week of my life caddying - and I sincerely mean that,' said Williams. 'It's the most satisfying win I've ever had, there's no two ways about it. The fans have been unbelievable.

'I was absolutely shocked that I got the boot to be honest with you. I've caddied for the guy for 12 years, I've been incredibly loyal to the guy and I got short-shrifted.'

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