We check out where to find Birmingham Carling Cup tickets

If you are looking to follow the champions on their Carling Cup defence this year, then we have found all the sites you will need to check out to find Birmingham Carling Cup tickets over the coming months. So lets check them out!

Despite their relegation, it still promises to be something of an exciting season for Birmingham as they plot their Europa League campaign as well as try to defend their Carling Cup trophy that they won by beating Arsenal at Wembley. Some of the big players have moved on, but under Chris Hughton, Birmingham have a manager of real promise and should bounce back to the Premier League with ease.

If you would like a chance to win a ticket to every Birmingham game, then we recommend you take a gander at the Carling site at www.carling.com/carlingcup/ as they offering you the chance to win free tickets to every single Carling Cup game of your choice. Entering the competition is free and easy so take look now.

As for tickets to Birmingham's games, the first site you need to check out is their official site at www.bcfc.com/page/Home as this is where ticket sales for all upcoming games will be announced. The site will have details on allocations and prices, so make sure and bookmark it and keep a regular eye out for what they have on offer.

Another site well worth keeping an eye on for Birmingham Carling Cup tickets is www.carlingcupticketsonline.com. This site is perfect if you fancy catching Birmingham in an away game and you don't qualify for part of the allocation that the club will receive.



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