Big Sam goes

Fabio Capello’s job is under threat. Big knobs at the FA became restless after a string of mediocre press conferences from the Italian Stallion. Brian Barwick, Chief Moustachioed Officer at the FA, says he is also disappointed that Ab Fab has not been able to make a positive impact on results… in the three days he’s been in the job.

Other managers under threat include Sir Alex Ferguson. The avuncular [sic] Scot has failed to secure the Premier League title this season, despite the fact it is mathematically impossible for him to do so.

Martin Jol’s future is also uncertain. The Dutchman, who has not yet taken over at Newcastle, has been told by the board that he has one game left to save the job they have not yet given him. Spelling out his position, a spokesman said that, if Newcastle lose against Harchester United in the next episode of Sky’s Dream Team, Big Dutch(?) could be sacked before he is appointed.

Marin O’Neill has been linked with all of the above jobs, and has also emerged as a front runner for the post of duty manager at SpecSavers in Northampton.

(Image: from YouTube)

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