Big rise or it’s Berbat-off?

Dimitar Berbatov – allegedly the sulkiest man in the Premiership – is set to get a new contract taking his meagre £40,000-a-week salary to £60,000-a-week. Phew! Now maybe he can stop worrying about his finances and get on with enjoying life and playing a bit of soccer.

Good news for Tottenham fans, we guess. Although, he did sign a four-year deal in 2006… so why the change now? Don’t most contracts last until they need renewing? Why do Tottenham feel as if they have to bump his salary now? Why not wait until 2010? Questions, questions…

Once again, a football club shows itself to be singularly awful at negotiating a contract that sticks. Why is that?

Anyway, Tottenham’s star is on the rise. Don’t be surprised if they end up the fourth London team in the Premier League this season. He, he!

(Image: from YouTube)

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