Big Break

The world of snooker is one that we only dip into when the big tournaments are on. There must be a million and one non-ranking events that we don’t any attention to, and the audience for the game is sadly shrinking year on year in the UK. So if a scandal breaks then it doesn’t make headline news unless it’s Ronnie O’Sullivan making jokes about penises to Chinese people, or John Virgo having a friendship with known bigot Jim Davidson.

Anyway, there has been a scandal in the world of snooker, and it’s involving one its most recognisable faces: Stephen Lee, who was once ranked fifth in the world, has been arrested following an investigation into suspicious betting patterns.

‘A 35-year-old man from Wiltshire was arrested on Thursday February 11 on suspicion of cheating. This follows a joint operation where West Midlands Police have assisted the Gambling Commission, following their concerns about suspicious betting patterns.’

‘We are aware of the recent news articles concerning match fixing and are awaiting further reports,’ a statement said from World Snooker. ‘In instances where the Gambling Commission commences an investigation into a match, the WPBSA works together with the commission to assist in its inquiries and the WPBSA will hold its own investigation open pending the conclusion.

‘However, neither the commission nor the WPBSA will release information surrounding a betting matter while an investigation in ongoing.’

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