Choosing The Best Ski Jackets For Men

Men are very picky when it comes to purchasing a ski jacket. The reason is that they do not want to have issues that will hinder their performance on the slopes. There are a variety of brands of ski clothes. Buying decisions are based on a variety of factors. Some factors include price, brand, the quality of the ski jacket and personal tastes. Learn about the best brand of ski jackets for men.


Burton is an American company which has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Austria and China. It produces clothing for snowboarding, but many models are quite suitable for a skier. The company offers form-fitting jackets and jackets with loose silhouettes in a great variety of colours, such as chequered, striped, mosaic and solid colours. For those who prefer moderate and dark colours, Burton offers a wide variety of choices. All jackets are made of modern materials, with taped seams, snow skirts and pockets. Some models can be fastened to the trousers, for better protection from the snow. The best Burton ski jackets for men can range from £100 to £500.


For many consumers, this is a recognized brand of city sportswear. Overall, Columbia produces specialty items such as ski jackets and other ski gear. The best ski jackets for men produced by Columbia meet the highest expectations of quality. They are warm, waterproof, have wind-resistance features and have high durability. All jackets are equipped with the Omni-Tech membrane, Microtemp insulation and Omni-Shield coating. Consumers can purchase men's ski jackets starting at £100 up to £400.


The best Japanese ski jackets for men made by Descente will not leave anyone indifferent. Descente uses the latest technology and materials in their manufacturing of ski jackets. Descente ski jackets feature an ultra-thin and light stretching membrane, ultra-thin insulation, lining with anti-bacterial properties, an anti-static material of the ION-BODIES technology. Also, the jackets feature a Titan Thermo layer. The design of the jackets is anatomical, regarding a skier's movements. This sportswear belongs to the elite class, and costs range from £400 up to £1000.


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