Choosing the best running shoes

You should try to get the best running shoes you can afford from a specialist retailer. This will ensure you do not injure yourself by wearing cheap or inappropriate footwear for running. Many novice runners are concerned about the cost of running shoes; others may wonder why there are so many different makes and styles on the market. It is important to choose running shoes designed for the purpose.

Now, for the science that will help you choose the best running shoes. It is useful for you to consider how your foot moves as you walk and run, which is referred to as your pronation. You can check your pronation by looking at the imprint your wet foot makes on a piece of paper. If your full footprint is evident, then you will most likely have a low arch and overpronate. A thin strip between your heel and toes and a sharp inner curve will mean you have a high arch and underpronate. If the band is nearly half the width of your foot, you will likely have a normal arch and a neutral or normal pronation.

Proper pronation is where your foot lands on the outside of the heel, and then rolls to the ball of the foot with even contact being maintained from the heel to the toes. If your foot lands and the outside of the foot take most of the impact, then this is known as underpronation. If your foot rolls too much from the outside to the inside of your foot, this is referred to as overpronation. You can easily check this by looking at the wear on your shoes. If the wear is in the inside of the foot, then you underpronate, and would benefit from cushioned running shoes. If most of the wear is on the outside edge of your shoe, then you overpronate, and would benefit from motion control running shoes. However, if your shoes are evenly worn across the ball of your foot, then you should consider stability running shoes.

Once you have considered the best type of running shoe for your feet, you will be better prepared to make an informed choice for your budget. You should consider going to a specialist shop for assistance. Always choose shoes later in the day, as your feet expand while running. If you have an old pair of running shoes, then take these with you as the shop assistant will be able to discuss your level of pronation. Many people have one foot slightly larger than the other one, so make sure you have both feet measured. Your running shoes should fit both feet comfortably. For professional running, you are likely to consider high performance running shoes, which are usually lighter and have less cushioning compared to standard running shoes.

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