Choose the best golf drivers to suit your game

Every golfer longs for a few extra yards off the tee. Quite a lot of golfers would settle for just hitting the fairways with a little more regularity. This is a sport where your equipment can make a difference, and choosing the best golf drivers could make a marked improvement to your game.

Finding out what suits you may be a matter of trial and (lots of) error, borrowing a friend's driver or asking the pro at your local club to inspect your swing and drives and make some suggestions. Don't just rush out and buy what the Ryder Cup stars are using. A website like www.golfalot.com explores the technical specifications of the leading drivers, and makes informed suggestions on the best purchases.

Technological advancements mean the modern golfer is spoilt for choice. You may be tempted to buy a whole range of different clubs, but it's smarter to spend your budget wisely on a single well-suited club, rather than feeling obliged to have a selection that will just add unnecessary weight to your golf bag.

Talking of weight, titanium drivers make use of the lighter material to allow the clubhead to be larger, which consequently increases the sweet spot. The forgiveness of the club, ie the room for error without disaster, will be greater. We all need a little forgiveness.

Some manufacturers are opting for composite drivers, using a titanium face matched to a carbon head, so that the weight falls more on the sweet spot, offering even more of that all-important forgiveness.

You may be tempted to increase the length of your driver to increase your distance, but you need to be pretty confident about your swing to do this. It might also take some getting used to. The best golf drivers are those that have become a familiar friend, where everything moves in a predictable and reliable way.



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