Berg wigs out at Blackburn Christmas party

When will football clubs learn that the Christmas party is invariably a bad idea? Far from being a bonding exercise, they are prone to exactly the kind of indiscretions, embarrassments and humiliations as any office party. Just ask Blackburn manager Henning Berg.

Gleeful tabloid reports claim that Berg, an uncompromising hard man as a player and not exactly sweetness and light as a manager, stormed out of the club party after he was forced up on stage and made to dance in a Michael Jackson wig. Unimpressed by the Jacko routine, it seems the manager decided to Beat It.

The DJ encouraged Berg to pull on a Christmas stocking and dance in front of the crowd and Berg became "visibly angry". The Jackson wig was the final straw, and Berg headed for the exit with steam coming out of his ears.

You know a Christmas party has gone wrong when people have to issue an official statement afterwards. "We have many hard-working employees and this was an opportunity for them to relax and enjoy themselves after what has been a difficult year," Berg’s statement began. "After the dinner I was asked to go to the stage, which I was happy to do, believing I would be asked a few questions or maybe judge a competition. Instead I was asked to do things which were not the right things for me to do as the manager, considering our league position and form. I did not want to do it and went back to my table." The lower half of the table presumably. Berg headed for the door immediately afterwards.

At least with the uptight manager out of the way, the players could let their hair down and relax? "The players left straight after dinner and no alcohol was consumed," Berg added. Some Christmas eh? Berg has one victory in nine games since taking over as Blackburn manager. Maybe pulling on a Jacko wig is worth a try.

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