Berbatov wants to leave Tottenham according to agent

Stop the press! It looks like Ditimar Berbatov wants to leave Spurs in the summer. Not content with being second on the list of men with whom Bulgarian pornstars would most like to play hide the salami, Berbatov wants to show off his wares in the Champions League.

While there are still two years left on the Bulgarian captain's current contract, his agent Emil Dantchev has revealed that negotiations over an extension have broken down. It appears that the paltry £60,000-a-week offered by Tottenham just isn't enough for the player who makes even Nicolas Anelka seem jovial.

But the decision is not all based on mulah it seems. According to Dantchev, Berbatov's footballing biological clock is also tick tick ticking and he's just not getting any younger: "He is 27 and he needs to win trophies. It is time he was transferred to a club that regularly plays in the Champions League".

In fairness Berbatov has banged in 45 goals since joining Spurs in 2006 and the majority of them have been Hot Shot Hamishesque screamers, so it won't be too surprising if he moves on to play for a bigger club.

Berbatov in action

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