Berbatov admits to moments of self-doubt

Dimitar Berbatov has admitted that he has suffered from self-doubt since moving to Manchester United from Tottenham Hotspur in 2008.

The Bulgarian cost a club record £30.75m but had struggled to justify the lofty price tag until the start of this season which has seen him net seven goals in six games.

‘You try not to think about it but sometimes you just can't help it,’ Berbatov said. ‘You start thinking it's a lot of money and what's going to happen if you don't prove you're good enough for that amount of money and if you don't score enough goals.’

‘These thoughts are always going through my mind and sometimes it can be bad for your concentration because it does distract you from the goal I have to play and enjoy my football.’

The striker continued: ‘Sometimes you think you didn't do enough for the team, when you have a bad game, and you start thinking: 'Where did I go wrong?' and 'I can do better than that – I've done better than that in the past.’

‘You start to underestimate your skill, which is not good because I know what I can do, but every player has periods [of self-doubt] like this in their careers and the main thing to learn is to stay strong because you are going to have these dark moments and you need to be strong to get through them.’

Berbatov has also admitted that he was in awe of Sir Alex Ferguson when he first arrived at Old Trafford from Spurs.

‘He is probably the most successful manager in football history. At first I was a bit star-struck ... it was just a case of 'whoa'. Then when you start to get to know him he is a very nice guy but when things don't go as he planned, he will give you a rollicking. He can be aggressive, tough. But in a way that motivates you.’

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