Berbat-off to Manchester?

So it looks like Spurs supporters hearts are about to be broken. Their superstar striker – and one of the only things they’ve had to cheer about in the last god knows how many years – Dimitar Berbatov is off to Manchester United, confirming basically what everybody has known for weeks.

Rumours are abounding that the Red Devils have lobbed in a £28m bid for the Bulgarian, who the papers are saying is on his way up to Manchester to complete his physical, and The Daily Mirror reports that the Premiership champions have even postponed their official squad photograph so they can include the striker in it. Which is quite the confident move.

Now the North London club have managed to flog the only two people who managed to score consistently last term, after they shipped out Robbie Keane to Liverpool recently. Nice one boys.

Spurs are now going to have to look to Darren Bent, who had a rubbish time in front of goal last season, to be the main scorer. He’s bagged a bunch in preseason, so you never know, Tottenham might get lucky and not need Berbatov.

But it’s hardly likely is it? Their ‘top four team’ prediction, gets more hollow every season.

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