Bentley: Spurs start to the season has been s**t

David Bentley has given a damning assessment of Spurs' worst ever start to a season, admitting that the players don't know what they were doing. Speaking to TalkSport about Tottenham's form this season, the winger said: 'It's been shocking, it's been a bit s**t.'

Bentley's words don't reflect well on under fire boss Juande Ramos, who looks to be only a few defeats away from the chop. The former Blackburn winger described a team in disarray: 'It's been a difficult start, especially for me. I wasn't enjoying it. It's been difficult out on the pitch. We've not been together, we didn't know where people were running, what people were doing.'

Spurs are rock bottom of the Premier League with just two points from eight games. Their terrible start to the season has seen Bentley axed from the England squad, but the former Arsenal trainee would be better off concentrating on playing football than giving press interviews if he wants to turn things around.

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