Bent over backwards

Now that David Haye and Valdimir Klitschko have agreed a date for their monstrous world-title clash at Hamburg on 2 July, boxing fans are anticipating the biggest fight there is in the heavyweight division. However, according to Haye the fight might not even have taken place had he not bent over backwards to accommodate his demands.

The Londoner has said that Klitschko almost scuppered the fight by insisting that he come into the ring second, and that his camp basically conceded to all of his demands, apart from the revenue split, which is 50-50.

‘The deal that I've got now (could not) be further apart (from their other aborted agreements),’ he said. ‘I'm very happy – even though I'd say it's definitely in his favour. It's in his native Germany. He comes to the ring second – as the champion does. He goes to the corner of his choice. He has the gloves of his choice. He has the ref ... Everything else, other than the revenue, is pretty much his way.

‘He said: 'If I don't come out to the ring second, the fight's not happening.' That was a deal-breaker for him: 'I have to come to the ring second, otherwise I'm not fighting you.' I said: 'Come on, dude. Why not flip a coin? Let fate decide.' But, no. This was it for him. 'If you really need it that bad, Wladimir, you come to the ring second’.

‘This is a fight for the fans and I did whatever I could to make the fight happen. If it wasn't for me bending over backwards ... he'd be fighting someone like Dereck Chisora.’

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