Benitez shows support for under fire Gerrard

Rafa Benitez has shown his support for under fire Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard by confirming that the England midfielder will play in the Reds' FA Cup match at Preston on Saturday despite being charged with assault and affray following an alleged bar brawl in Southport last weekend.

Speaking about Gerrard, the Liverpool manager told reporters: "He will play, and I have confidence he will be ready. It was a bad situation, but because we know most of the details, maybe not all, we have to support him because we know these things can happen to footballers now because they are very famous."

The Spaniard's vote of confidence is some positive news in a difficult week for Gerrard. Liverpool will be hoping that he can concentrate on football over the coming months as the club looks to try and win its first league title in eighteen years.

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