Benitez faces tough decision over Gerrard's fitness

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has revealed that he faces a tough decision with regard to Steven Gerrard's fitness. The Reds skipper is struggling with an abductor problem which means it's difficult for him play two games in a week.

Benitez will have to decide if he wants to risk Gerrard in Saturday's game with Blackburn or save him for next Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final second leg against Chelsea. With Liverpool 3-1 down from the home leg, the Premier League now looks like their best chance of silverware this year.

"If we do play him against Blackburn it does not mean we are writing off the Champions League. But we must approach each game on its merits," Benitez told reporters. "The decision I have to make is whether I use him against Blackburn or Chelsea. Anything more could be a risk. Maybe we could keep him on the bench and use him if we need to?"

Either way it now looks as if Liverpool will have to nurse Gerrard through the last few games of the season which could seriously damage their title hopes.

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