Benitez complains about Manchester City's spending

Rafael Benitez has launched an attack on the Premier League's big spenders Manchester City claiming that they have inflated the transfer market.

The Liverpool manager admitted that the club had to pay over the odds for England defender Glen Johnson who arrived from Portsmouth last month in a deal worth £17m, but said that the player's decision to move to Anfield was influenced by football and not money.

"We had to pay big money, the market is now crazy. It is all money, money, money now. But we were signing a good player, an England player, and that is very positive. He has a good mentality, and when I spoke to him first it was clear he wanted to come here," Benitez said.

"Things have changed. You have to adapt to a situation. Manchester City and big clubs in Europe are spending big money, so the market has changed and we have to work harder. You have to do that to stay at the level we are at because of the big money being spent here and abroad."

Benitez also made it clear that midfielders Javier Mascherano and Xabi Alonso won't be leaving Anfield this summer. "I do not think Alonso or Mascherano will go. It is clear that they both are under contract with long-term agreements. That is it. There has been a lot of things written, a lot of rumours, but both players are under contract and we have no more need to talk about things."

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