Benitez admits Liverpool could be forced to sell Torres

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has admitted that the club could be forced to sell its prime asset, Fernando Torres, if the club fails to qualify for next season's Champions League.

Earlier this season Benitez had insisted that the Spain international would not be sold at any price. However, the Liverpool manager has now acknowledged that failure to finish in the top four of the Premier League could result in some players leaving the club.

Benitez was quizzed yesterday on whether or not Liverpool would be able to resist a £100m bid from Manchester City for Torres's services. Despite attempting to get around the question at first when further pushed the Spaniard replied: 'We would have conversations if we had to decide about this.'

The Merseyside club are currently in £174m in the red after owners George Gillet and Tom Hicks saddled the club with the loans they borrowed to complete their takeover bid. With Liverpool's blowing hot and cold in the league failure to qualify for the Champions League could have disastrous effects on the club's financial situation.

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