Bendtner has lucky escape after car crash

Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner had a lucky escape yesterday morning when he crashed his Aston Martin on the A1. The Denmark international was not seriously injured in the accident but now looks set to miss tomorrow night's Champions League match with Olympiakos.

Gunners manager Arsene Wenger spoke to reporters about the incident: "Nicklas did not practise because he had a car accident. Fortunately there was no real long-term damage, but he was bruised and we thought it better he did not train. He should be back for Sunday's game [against Blackburn]."

According to a spokesperson for The East of England Ambulance Service Bendtner had a "very lucky escape" walking away from the crash with just a sore shoulder and a grazed knee.

"When the ambulance crew arrived at the scene they found a car which was badly damaged after it collided with the hard shoulder fence and a tree," the spokesperson said. "A man who we believe to be 21-years-old received minor injuries. Following a check over by paramedics, he did not require to go to hospital."

On a brighter note for Arsenal fans winger Theo Walcott is expected to be make a return from injury at the weekend after recovering from a back problem.

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