Bendtner apologises for behaviour

Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has issued an apology after being snapped leaving a London nightclub at 4am following the Gunners' Champions League exit at the hands of Manchester United last night.

The Danish international was photographed with his jeans hanging around his ankles as he left the nightspot before being helped into a waiting car. Bendtner, who made a late appearance as a substitute during last night's 3-1 defeat, admitted to making "an error of judgement."

"I love this club and was so disappointed to lose against Manchester United last night," the 21-year-old said in a statement. "Reaching a Champions League final is one of my biggest dreams and getting knocked out was a massive blow. However, no matter how disappointed I was, it does not excuse my behaviour later in the evening."

The young striker continued: "I may be young, but my actions were a poor error of judgment and something I deeply regret. I want to apologise to the club and the fans for letting them and myself down. I cannot change the past, but will learn from my mistakes." If only the same could be said of his finishing.

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