Bellamy takes Liverpool to Wembley

Craig Bellamy secured Liverpool a Wembley date with his former club Cardiff. In a tense Carling Cup semi-final, Bellamy’s goal ensured that Liverpool edged past another of his former clubs, Manchester City, to make the final.

Bellamy, the only one of Kenny Dalglish’s signings that didn’t arrive with a hefty price-tag attached, has been one of the most successful in an indifferent season, and his contribution was the key to Liverpool’s progress.

"Last night I saw Cardiff go through and I was pleased for them," said Bellamy. "It couldn't be a better final for me. It's funny how football can work out at times. To get to the final is big for us."

The Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, as is becoming customary, complained about a penalty awarded to Liverpool and another that was denied to City. He offered grudging congratulations to Bellamy, a player he had quickly identified as surplus to requirements at Manchester City.

"It doesn't make it more difficult for me that Craig scored the winner," Mancini said. "I am happy for Craig. Of course I am disappointed we didn't reach the final but I am happy for Craig."

Not quite as happy as Dalglish of course. "Craig was unbelievable," the Liverpool manager said. "If Manchester City have anyone else that they don't want, they know where we are."

"Craig was the difference," Steven Gerrard added. "His pace was always a threat and we know that, if a chance falls to him, he can finish. It's a big thanks to him."

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