Bellamy in hot water

The weekend’s football action was packed with goals controversy and amusement for the neutral, with most of it coming during yesterday’s mental Manchester derby, won by a ridiculously late Michael Owen goal for United. That sparked off a wave of indignation from Manchester City, whose manager Mark Hughes couldn’t believe the amount of injury time added (seven minutes).

‘The fourth official (Alan Wiley) tried to give me an explanation but it didn't sit comfortably,' he said after the match. 'He said he (Atkinson) had added a minute-plus because of our goal celebration but they got it wrong. We feel robbed.

‘I just want an explanation (didn't you just say you got one? - Ed). I'm not going to question his integrity, I just want an explanation why he added seven minutes and, if he can give me a good reason, I won't have a problem, but I just can't see where he got that time. It would be nice to get an explanation, though I doubt I will get one.’

Meanwhile Craig Bellamy topped it off by punching a pitch invading fan, which could leave him in trouble with the FA.

I seem to recall Brian Clough clipping someone around the ear once and he was lauded as a national hero,’ Hughes added. ‘Maybe it will be the same with Craig but I doubt it. I'm sure people will make a nuisance of it.’ Nice try Hughesy, nice try.

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