Beckhams sizzle in Armani

Living up to parental expectations can be tough for normal kids. Well imagine how the Beckham brood are going to feel when they see mummy and daddy posing in their latest eye watering Armani ads?

The bootiful couple have once again stripped down to their undercrackers for the newest Armani Autumn/Winter 2009-10 underwear campaign. There is not a thermal pair of pants in sight and the results are nothing short of hilariously good looking.

It is only the second time Posh n Becks have been photographed for an underwear campaign together, and there's no denying they look great. After 10 years together though, is Posh really thinking about having Dave for breakfast while she's draped all over him, or is she wondering what time tea break is and if anyone's snaffled the last Digestive? The safe money would be on...

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