Beckham's LA Galaxy lose to Toronto FC

David Beckham's LA Galaxy went down 3-2 to Toronto FC side featuring the combined talents of Laurent Robert, Rohan Ricketts and Danny Dichio. School boy errors at the back and woeful finishing by Landon Donovan saw Toronto make it two defeats in three for Rudd Gullit's team. Not exactly sexy football then.

While Becks is set to earn £128m for his five year stint with Hollywood FC he must sometimes lie awake late at night wondering if he made the right decision. He still has aspirations about playing for England but does he have anymore right than Ricketts and Dichio to expect to be called up by Fabio Capello?

In January the other iconic right winger of the last ten years, Luis Figo, rejected a lucrative contract with Saudi Arabian club Al Ittihad - 4.5 million euro for one year, choosing instead to help Inter Milan fight for their second league title in succession.

People can spout PR guff about Beckham bringing 'soccer' to the states all they want, the fact is he chose filthy lucre over competitive football. With the 100th cap nonsense out of the way he doesn't deserve to be picked for England ever again.

Yesterday at Old Trafford, Beckham's former team mate Paul Scholes played against Arsenal in front of 75,985 fans while Mr Posh Spice lined out in front of just 20,000 people in LA. But who cares, because Goldenballs gets to hang out with TomKat and Scoopy Scoopy Dog Dog, no?

LA Galaxy 2 Toronto FC 3

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