Beckham wants to stay at AC Milan

David Beckham is reported to be learning Italian in the hopes of earning a permanent move to AC Milan. The former England captain, who is at the Serie A side on loan for three months from the LA Galaxy, is said to be willing to take a pay cut to remain in Italy.

Beckham is set to earn an estimated $200m from his deal with the MLS club, but the move to the US has put his England future in doubt. Reports suggest that Becks is still hoping to make Fabio Capello's squad for cut for the 2010 World Cup.

Goldenballs' contract with the LA Galaxy runs until 2011, but the Guardian reports that he can walk out of the deal in October. While Milan were accused of signing Beckham just to sell replica shirts, the club's vice president, Adriano Galliani, has talked up the signing and hinted that a permanent deal could be on the cards: "He is a great player. At first we were criticised for taking on a doll but now there is regret that he is leaving in March. We always knew that this was the deal. I always knew that he would be useful to us and for our plans."

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