Beckham unveiled by AC Milan

David Beckham was officially unveiled as an AC Milan player this afternoon after passing a routine medical. The erstwhile England captain will play for the Serie A side until March when the Major League Soccer season gets back underway.

Goldenballs told reporters that he was looking forward to playing for such a famous club: "I'm really happy to be here, it is a great honour. I hope to add to the team, I hope to give everything that I've always given in my career and it's a huge honour."

"I've played for the biggest club in England, the biggest club in Spain and now I'm going to be playing for the biggest club in Italy," he continued. "I've been very lucky in my career to have done that, and I'm just going to enjoy it because I think to be given this opportunity is incredible."

But not everyone seems to be so happy with Beckham's arrival. Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso questioned the value of signing the England midfielder for six weeks: "This Beckham thing seems very strange to me. Perhaps it would've been better and more right if he stayed for the whole season and signed a proper contract. To be here for six weeks to two months seems pretty strange."

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