Beckham under fire

Some journo in the States has slagged off our David Becks for not turning up to an interview because he was tired. TJ Simers – California Sports Writer of the Year in 2000, no less – is peeved Lord David of Beckingham didn’t turn up to a one-on-one interview despite being spotted out the night before dancing until 1 am with Janet Jackson. Presumably that’s why he was tired, TJ. Du-uhhhh! Mate, no one slags off a British sports person in the States without us having our say. We look after our own here.

The hack then goes on to lambaste Beckham for his lack of impact on the game in the States. For the record, TJ, he’s been injured, love. You can’t play if you’re injured. Play any sports yourself, do you, TJ?

Love him or hate him, Beckham is a class act, a true professional and, in the past, a world-class player. You don’t win the domestic and European treble without being able to play. Of course, TJ’s parochialism won’t help him appreciate that achievement.

(Image: from YouTube)

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