Beckham talks babies

David Beckham has revealed the earth-shattering news that when he and Vicky Spice, his good lady wife, went to the doctors for their first scan, they were told that Posh was excpecting another boy. The pair already have three sons, Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, and have made no secret of their desire for a girl to dress up in ribbons and high heels, just like Suri Cruise. In fact, their dream was to come true, as on their return to the doctors, they were informed that Posh was growing a girl.

Chatting on Ryan Seacrest's show, David said, 'When you've had three boys you just kind of assume that you're going to have another one. Funnily enough, when we went to have the three-month scan they [the doctors] said, 'Oh, it looks like a boy.' We were, like, 'Oh, OK, great. Almost like a five-a-side team. And then we went back and they were like, 'Actually, it's a girl.' The emotion hit us [then]. It's amazing.'

Listen to David's dulcet tones below:

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