Beckham set to join AC Milan in January

AC Milan have claimed that David Beckham will join the Serie A side on loan in January. There have been rumours that the England midfielder will train with the Italian side during the MLS off-season to keep fit for international duty.

But Milan vice-president Adriano Galliano has said that Beckham will play in Serie A until the end of next season: 'Beckham wants to train and play with Milan. He will arrive in January and we will sign him for the rest of the season.'

Galliani underlined Becks' potential commercial as well as footballing value: 'Football today is not just about tactics and technical abilities. It's about full stadiums and sponsors. With him, Kaka and Ronaldinho, it would be a dream team.'

The move would see Goldenballs move back to Europe to join one of Europe's elite sides. The only potential spanner in the works would appear to be Beckham's employers at the LA Galaxy.

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