Beckham set for 100th cap

Here ye! Here ye! The Becks England bandwagon is back on track. The tabloids are yelling out the story like a town crier on Charlie.

Fabio Capello has said that Beckham could pick up his much talked about and over hyped 100th England cap against the French. “He’ll get his 100th cap if he is fit and in form. I hope David will play that 100th game and get the cap.” the Engerland boss told The Sun.

Goldenballs, as everyone knows, is stuck on 99 caps. That's one short of 100, as the Field medalists over at The Sun kindly pointed out. But the erstwhile England captain picked up a knock in LA Soccerball Galaxy's friendly against the mighty Shanghai-Hong Kong.

So the Fabmeister says he wants to check on Beckham's fitness before calling him up. "Los Angeles Galaxy play in Dallas on 14th March and (assistant manager) Franco Baldini or I will go to see him and assess his fitness," the England manager told Sky. Free trip to the States. Nice.

It's not too bad being the England manager these days it seems. And to paraphrase Northern Ireland's pop rock combo D:Ream, things can only get better. If those tabloid Mystic Megs at The Sun have got it right, Frank Lampard might be doing his kissy hand celebration thingy in Italy next year. Fab just needs Darren Bent to sign for FC Maldives and it'll be happy days for everyone.

But there are Morriseyesque dark clouds hovering over the brooding Italian maestro. Capello has said he doesn't understand why English players look good for their clubs but are transformed into duds whenever they slip on the 3 Lions.

“It is a problem I came across in my first game against Switzerland," he told Sky. “The winning mentality is very important. If you play with fear, it’s impossible to win.” Despite invented reports, it seems that 'fear' is not one of Calamity James' lesser known nicknames.

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