Beckham ponders his options

With David Beckham’s future undecided after the conclusion of his MLS contract with LA Galaxy in December, everyone is coming up with their own fantasy scenarios about where Goldenballs might end his career. Although the cynics suggest it ended when he went off to play in LA three years ago.

The only offers of real substance have come from the Australian A-League, where Perth Glory are determined to sign Beckham. There is plenty of cash on the table in the wealthy capital of Western Australia, but the notion of Posh and the family settling in the dull, provincial city is unthinkable.

Paris has rather more allure for the fashion industry queen. Paris St-Germain is now one of the world’s richest clubs. Unfortunately their team is a little too strong to accommodate the weary legs of the 37 year-old former England captain with any regularity, even though coach Carlo Ancelotti is a big fan.

A return home to England might be a fitting conclusion to Beckham’s career. QPR would probably welcome him, and might even be inclined to offer him a player-manager’s role if he could overcome his previous reluctance to dabble in management.

Beckham has said he wants to take on one more challenge. This might mean he is amenable to offers from China or the Middle East, where authorities are trying to develop credible leagues. The money would be phenomenal, and Posh might be prepared to put up with Dubai or Shanghai for a year or two.

The debate has involved some unlikely contributions. Twitter hosted a meeting of some of the Twittersphere’s more irritating regulars when One Direction got into a spat with Piers Morgan about Beckham’s future. Morgan tweeted: "No serious top-flight team would sign Beckham for football reasons any more – he should retire gracefully." Harry Styles responded "Beckham is my hero." Morgan hit back with the baffling quip: "Is that because he always runs in one direction?" Much childish banter ensued.

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