Beckham not Maclaren’s only dilemma

We’re 90 minutes away from going to Euro 2008. All we need is a point against Croatia. That means one thing – we mustn’t let in a goal. If we can do that, we’re through.

But England boss Steve Maclaren faces some tough decisions today. Does he include David Beckham, a player of unrivalled experience in the squad, despite a lacklustre performance against the sprightly Austrians? Should Scott Carson keep his place after a great debut, at the expense of out-of-form Paul Robinson? And should Owen Hargreaves get the nod despite missing the game last Friday with tendonitis?

And, of course, his biggest dilemma of all: where to hide during the final ten minutes of the game? He won’t want to break his lucky winning streak from Saturday when he hid in the bog for the last ten minutes of Israel versus Russia and got the result (on the pitch) he was so desperately hanging on for. It’s a tough one, Steve.

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