Beckham – all over now?

We didn’t say anything at the time when Beckham didn’t make Capello’s first squad. Partly because we weren’t sure whether that meant he was in the 23, the 30, or the final 11. Or not in the squad at all. What was all that about?

Anyway, should he have made the line-up, against the mighty Swiss? No, is the simple answer. He isn’t fit, so he shouldn’t play just to get his 100th cap. When he’s fit again, he can play in the States when we go over later in the year, no?

Camp Beckham (his team, not that we’re implying he’s camp) probably don’t agree. But Beckham himself must know it’s the right decision. Surely a player of his experience wouldn’t want to get a walk-on cap just to make his century? Would he?

(Image: from YouTube)

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