Beckham leaves the future uncertain

After ending his American soccer spell with a trophy, David Beckham left us guessing where his football career, and his wife’s shopping requirements, will take him next.

Beckham’s contract with LA Galaxy concluded with a 1-0 victory in the MLS Final, against Houston Dynamo. Beckham combined with Robbie Keane to set up the winner for Landon Donovan. The victory ensured Beckham ended his Galaxy career with silverware after an up-and-down five years.

Whether it is the end of his American adventure is shrouded in mystery. "I’ve had an amazing five years," he said. "I've loved it here. The fans have been unbelievable, the owners, the players . . . every one of them are heroes tonight. They've been incredible all season and this has capped it off."

The 36 year-old player was reticent about his immediate future. Rumour suggests he has ambitions to lead the Great Britain team at the 2012 Olympics, as one of the over-age players in Stuart Pearce’s squad.

To merit inclusion, Beckham would have to be playing top-level football, probably in Europe. Offers that have been made public so far include QPR and Paris St-Germain. Beckham was keen to join Tottenham, but has been told that he would be unlikely to feature much in the first team.

Beckham has a friendship with Paris St-Germain’s director of football, Leonardo, from his loan spell with Milan, and it is believed the French club has offered Beckham an 18-month deal. Victoria and those style-conscious kids might also approve of a chic Parisian lifestyle.

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