Beckham leads LA Galaxy to victory against WestHam

Day-vid Beckham, patron saint of both footie and soccerball depending on your side of the Atlantic, led a team of Major League Soccer all-stars to victory over London’s least salubrious side, West Ham last night. In an attempt to show that the North American league has come on leaps and bounds since spurting a huge wad of dollars all over the pin-up's head and that they’re actually serious about our national game, they hammered the Hammers 3-2.

The ball bending lad (who grew up just a few miles away from the English team’s ground) played his heart out for the entire 90 minutes and managed to hit the crossbar. Beckham captained the North American team, of which three Mexican players scored to beat West Ham in a match which was played in Toronto, Canada. Which is pretty much the way all football seems to be going isn’t it?

West Ham shouldn’t be too miffed though, striker Dean Ashton (who was sorely missed last term) at least got his sights on goal pre-season bagging a brace. And they’re not the only British team to have failed in the game, Fulham, Chelsea and Celtic have all lost to the MLS All-star team in the last three years.

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